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Discipline Policy

Players, coaches, parents, referees and all supporters shall abide by the policies, regulations, rules, and code of conduct set out by the RCBA. The following standardized set of guidelines deal with game related infractions through a series of disciplinary actions.  The Referee-in-Chief and/or the Executive Director are responsible for the management, implementation, and regulation of this process.  Infractions are reported through a variety of means, but are processed primarily through referee game incident reports. Incident reports must be submitted in writing, within 24 hours of the incident, the Executive Director.  Infractions have been organized into four categories: 

*Please see page 3 for policy on Technical and Unsportsmanlike Fouls in Grades 9 and 10 to 12 boys. 

Category 1 Infractions 

Category 1 infractions include, but are not limited to: 

- Not informing players of practice or game; 

- Having a player intentionally go down sick or injured during a game; 

- Attempting, repeatedly, to have a player in for a third shift; 

- Unwillingness to follow the equal play rule; and, 

- Non-application of the rules within the game, such as in the inappropriate scoring (score sheet or running up the score) or application of rules, which may include equal play, man to man defense application, etc. some of which may result in a game ejection. 

Category 2 Infractions 

Category 2 infractions include, but are not limited to:  

- Ejection form a game resulting from such incidents as: 

* Inappropriate language or behavior in a game or following a game; 

* Abusive or aggressive behavior, such as the berating (abusing) of an official, coach, player, or supporter;    

* Mockery of a game, game official, coach, or player; 

- The accumulation of 2 technical/unsporting fouls within the season by a player, assistant coach, or coach; accumulation of an additional 2 technical foul for a total of 4 will be considered a second offense, another 2 for a total of 6 will be considered a third offense. 

* Excluded from this are zone technical fouls  

- Non-compliance with a supervisor or referee directive; and, 

- Absence of a coach for three consecutive practices without just cause. 

Category 3 Infractions 

Category 3 infractions include, but are not limited to: 

- Non-compliance to leave the gymnasium following an ejection; 

- Physical contact, intentionally initiated by an individual.  This could be a touch, hold, or push of an official, assistant coach, coach, or player; 

- Failure to comply with the implemented suspension; 

- Game related misconduct by a player, assistant coach, coach, or referee; 

- Use of ineligible players; 

- Removing or pulling a team from a game being played;   

- A deliberate attempt to injure; and, 

- Unwillingness to adhere to the application of the suspensions. 

Category 4 Infractions 

Category 4 infractions include, but are not limited to: 

- Racial comments, slurs, or innuendoes; 

- Spitting at a player, assistant coach, coach, or referee; 

- Physical attack/assault of a game supporter, player, assistant coach, coach, or referee by any of the mentioned persons; and, 

- Gross misconduct by a game supporter, player, assistant coach, coach, or referee by any of the mentioned persons. 

The following table outlines the disciplinary action that will be taken for each category of infractions: 


First Offense 

Second Offense 

Third Offense  

Fourth Offense  

Category 1 

Clarification, Discussion & Monitoring 

One Game Suspension 

Two Game Suspension 

Discipline Committee Review 

Category 2 

One Game Suspension 

Two Game Suspension 

Discipline Committee Review 


Category 3 

Two Game Suspension 

Discipline Committee Review 



Category 4 

Discipline Committee Review 




*Any infraction not covered by the above-classified infractions will be processed through the RCBA Discipline Committee. 

Game suspensions will be served on the date(s) indicated in the letter sent by the discipline committee after the review of the incident.   

Clarification, Discussion & Monitoring 

Minor incidents will be investigated, validated, monitored, and a discussion will take place with the reported offender.   

One Game Suspension 

The Director of Discipline, as empowered by the RCBA Board, will automatically invoke a one game suspension to the person who committed the infraction.  The suspension is for the next scheduled league game to be played.  One game suspension decisions are final and must be adhered to in accordance with the application of the suspension as outlined below. There are no opportunities for an appeal with a single game suspension. 

Two Game Suspension 

Where incidents of a severe nature occur, the Director of Discipline will automatically invoke a two game suspension, to the person who committed the infraction.  The suspension is for the next 2 scheduled league games to be played.  Opportunities for appeal may be made, in writing, to the Executive Director within 24 hours of notice of the two-game suspension. Appeals will be dealt with through the RCBA Discipline Committee and its procedures. 

Suspension Process 

Upon receipt of communication regarding an incident involving possibility of a suspension, the Director of Discipline will categorize the standard infraction(s), if any.  The involved person(s) will be contacted regarding the suspension and its application, and any process for appeal if outlined by the particular category.  Noted contacts of such suspension shall be the Executive Director, Referee-in-Chief, the President, the involved zone(s) director and coordinator, and the coach(s) of the team's personnel involved.  The suspension will be recorded by the Executive Director and monitored by the Director of Discipline.   

*Discipline Committee Review 

Incidents brought forward to the Discipline Committee will be reviewed as outlined in the RCBA Discipline Policy. 

Application of Suspensions 

An individual who has been suspended shall not participate in the game or games the suspension has levied nor may they participate with that RCBA team or any other RCBA team in any other capacity. While serving the suspension, the individual may not be present in the facility in which the suspended game(s) is (are) being played. Suspensions may only be recognized as being served in regularly scheduled league games or playoff games.  The suspended player or coach must be listed on the score sheet as suspended. 

High School Division - Grade 9 and 10-12 Boys Technical/Unsportsmanlike Foul Discipline Policy: 

Due to the the higher volume of technical and unsportsmanlike fouls in this division in previous seasons, the RCBA has a separate discipline policy for the Grade 9 and 10 to 12 boys divisions. The RCBA has a zero tolerance policy for abuse towards officials  

  • All Technical and Unsportsmanlike Fouls will be reviewed by the discipline committee for possible suspension 
  • Any technical foulf for abusive or agressive behavior towards an official will automatically result in a minimum 1 game suspension  
  • 1st offense of an Unsportsmanlike foul may be only followed up with a warning if the action by the offending player was determined to not put the opposing player in danger of being injured 
  • Severity of incidents will be determined using the 4 Category system listed above. 

*Zone Technical Fouls are excluded from this list 



Course of Action:

First Technical or Unsportsmanlike 

The Discipline Committee will review the incident to determine: 

If a 1 game suspension will be given or if a warning will be issued.

Second Technical or Unsportsmanlike  

Indefinite 1 game suspension, depending on severity of incident suspension may be longer at discretion of the Discipline Committee. 

Third Technical or Unsportsmanlike 

Indefinite 2 game suspension depending on severity of incident suspension may be longer at discretion of the Discipline Committee. 

Fourth Technical or Unsportsmanlike  

Offending player will be removed from the league, with no refund given.