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RCBA Coaching Inclusion Resources

The RCBA's core values:
Fair Play - equal opportunities that consistently reinforce respect of all individuals involved
Fun - encourage camaraderie and friendship
Development - of youth and their supporting network

The RCBA strives to make basketball in Regina a safe & welcoming environment for all our participants. 
Please check out these resources to learn more:

Respect In Sport:
All coaches within the RCBA will need to obtain their Respect in Sport Certification.


"The Respect in Sport program was developed to help protect youth, inform leaders and diminish the liability of an organization. Specific program topics include definitions of bullying, abuse, harassment, neglect, and discrimination, cyber-bullying, hazing, the use of power, emotions, how to respond, reporting, moral and legal issues and development."





Click on the photo above to get started on completing your Respect in Sport Certification!


Keep Sport Safe Resources: