Children are at the heart of everything that the RCBA does, which is why we take the issue of child protection very seriously.  Child protection is the term we use to describe the responsibilities and activities we undertake to prevent or stop children being abused or ill-treated.  Although it is a very small minority that present this risk, everyone has a responsibility and role in protecting children and following all practical and reasonable steps to counteract the risk.

All concerns raised under our child protection policy will be dealt with promptly and will be treated seriously and sensitively.  Your concerns will be discussed with you in order to help determine the precise action to be taken.  Whenever possible, resolution will be reached within one week of the report.

RCBA Employees and Volunteers

All employees and volunteers whose position within the organization puts them in contact with our youth members are required to complete a vulnerable sector criminal record check.

All office staff and coaches are required to complete the SaskSport Respect in Sport training course which deals with harassment and bullying. 

It is mandatory for employees, contractors and volunteers to report any witnessed, suspected or alleged incident of child abuse or violation of the child protection policy.

Use of Child Images and Personal Information

Photographs of youth members may be used only with the express permission of the RCBA, and only in accordance with this policy.

Personal or physical information that could be used to identify the location of a child should not be used on a website or published in the public domain. 

Photographs and images of our youth members should be decent and respectful.