This program is designed to provide an opportunity for players to participate in a fun, recreational spring league that will give them an opportunity to develop their skills in game situations.  The program is 7 weeks long with 6 weeks of games.  Players will register as teams into 1 of 6 divisions. Each division will play 1 night a week for the duration of the program, with each team getting multiple games on that night.  We will play indoors for the season and wrap up the program with a full tournament.  Be sure to check out the rules of the program before you play!

Players participating in the program should have a basic understanding of the game before registering.

Registration Process - Open March 1st! 

1) In order to participate in the program players must register a team. If you do not have a team please scroll down for information on our Free Agency List. The Coach/Team Manager will download and complete the TEAM ROSTER FORM and submit it either in person or by email to rcba@sasktel.net. In order for the team roster to be accepted it must include a coach's name and a minimum of 4 people on the roster.
2) Once the roster is received by the league office the team will be contacted with a tentative roster approval and will then be instructed to register their players individually within 72 hours.
3) Registration is collected for each player on an individual basis and be completed either in our online registration section, by phone, or in person.
4) The players AND the coach must be registered (and paid) in our system before the roster can be approved.  
5) If all members of the roster are not registered within the designated time the roster slot will open up to the next team on the list.  For submitted rosters that are not full (5 players) the RCBA will fill out any rosters to a maximum of 5 players with players from our free agency list.


*As we have a cap on the number of teams that can participate in each division, team roster submissions will be accepted on a first come first serve basis with the caveat that all the above requirements to have an official roster be fulfilled. For example, in the grade 5 and 6 divisions where we have a 6 team cap, if a 7th roster comes in with all the requirements completed while the 6th submitted roster doesn't have all its requirements completed, the 7th roster will become official and the players on the 6th roster will be dispersed amongst other teams or their registration fee(s) will be refunded if the program is full. 


If you have not previously used our online registration, you will be asked to setup a member profile and password.  Once logged into the system you will be able to add any family members that you would like to have included on your profile (children, spouse etc).  Once your family information is completely entered, you simply click on the appropriate registration section (player or coach) and complete the information.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can stop by the office or call us and we will help you through the registration process.


If you are choosing to register online, you will have the option to pay with a credit card or to choose an offline payment.  If you choose an offline payment, you must then submit the payment (cash, cheque, or kidsport application form) to the RCBA office.  There is no payment required to register as a coach.

Free Agency List 

Free Agents are players who wish to play, but do not have a team to register with. We use this list to fill out partial rosters and can combine a number of players on the list to form their own team. If you would like to join the free agent list please fill out our ONLINE FORM.


Player Fees:
Grade 5/6- $115
Grade 7/8- $125 

Program Dates:
Registration Deadline: March 22nd
Practice Week: Week of April 9th
Game Days: See Below
Tournament: June 1st and 2nd (location TBD)

Division Information  *    

Grade 5 Boys- 6 Teams (Wednesdays) - Schedules will be posted after registration closes
Grade 5 Girls- 6 Teams (Tuesdays) - Schedules will be posted after registration closes
Grade 6 Boys- 6 Teams (Wednesdays) - Schedules will be posted after registration closes
Grade 6 Girls- 6 Teams (Tuesdays) - Schedules will be posted after registration closes
Grade 7/8 Boys- 8 Teams (Thursdays) - Schedules will be posted after registration closes
Grade 7/8 Girls- 8 Teams  (Tuesdays) - Schedules will be posted after registration closes

 *grade as of April 1st 2019