RCBA Rule Book

2019/2020 version available here

*The full FIBA rule book is available here

Parents Meeting Speaking Points

In order to start the season on the right note, we have provided a guideline of speaking points to talk about at your parents meeting. 2020/2021 notes will be available at a later date!

Rotation Sheets

The easiest way to follow the RCBA's equal play rule is to make use of the RCBA's rotation sheets. To use them simply fill out the players names at the beginning of the game and use it as an easy reference during substitutions. We suggest that you fill out the players to ensure that you have a ball handler and some height on each shift.

Grade 4
Grade 5-8
Grade 9-12

Other Information

Please check back as we update this section regularly!

The Language of Basketball - Blog Post on common terminology

ACL Prevention (PEP)
            The Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation has created a safe and easy warm-up program that is geared towards ACL injury prevention in younger athletes. Check it out!
            PEP Program PDF
            PEP Field Layout
            Here's a short video outlining each of the exercises:

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