Sportsmanship Program Standings

The RCBA has a Sportsmanship Program to encourage positive and responsible conduct during games. Sportsmanship is the ability to:

Win without gloating
Lose without complaining
Treat your opponent with respect.

Throughout the season, teams are given sportsmanship ratings at their games by the referees as well as by the opposing coaches. These ratings are calculated in the office to determine which team in each division at the end of the season has the highest score. These teams are then recognized with an award.

To view the Sportsmanship program checklist please Click Here

*Multiple teams listed indicates a tie

Sportsmanship Standings as of: January 22nd/2019 

Grade 5 Division
1) Boys Thunder & Scorpions
2) Girls Knights & Boys Rebels
3) Boys Knights

Grade 6 Division
1) Boys Crushers & Girls Flash
2) Girls Chaos
3) Boys Mustangs & Flash

Grade 7/8 Division Pool 2
1) Boys Knights
2) Boys Rush
3) Girls Chaos

Grade 7/8 Division Pool 1
1) Boys Flash
2) Boys Storm
3) Girls Ramblers