Facility Cancellation List


All Seperate Schools closed on October 9th 
Wednesday October 4th- St. Marguerite
Thursday October 5th- St. Marguerite
Tuesday October 5th- St. Angela 
Wednesday October 11th- Holy Rosary
Friday October 13th- Ford
Saturday October 14th- Ford 
Wednesday October 18th- St. Josephat
Friday October 20th- Lakeview
Saturday October 21st- Henry Braun
Sunday October 22nd- Perry
Thursday October 26th- Centennial
Thursday October 26th- St. Michael
Thursday Ocotber 26th- Deshaye
Friday October 27th- St. Dominic
Friday October 27th- Hawrylak 
Friday October 27th- St. Angela
Friday October 27th- George Lee


Friday November 3rd- St. Elizabeth 
All Seperate Schools closed November 10th & November 11th (Rememberance Day)
Wednesday November 8th- Wilfred Hunt
Saturday Novmeber 18th- St. Augustine 
Sunday November 19th- St. Augustine
Monday November 20th- St. Augustine 
Wednesday November 22nd- St. Augustine 
Thursday November 23rd- St. Angela
Wednesday November 29th- St. Jerome
Wednesday November 29th- Henry Braun
Thursday November 30th- St. Marguerite 
Thursday November 30th- St. Jerome


Friday December 1st- St. Marguerite 
Friday December 1st- St. Francis
Saturday December 2nd- St. Francis
Sunday December 3rd- St. Francis
Wednesday December 6th- Wilfred Hunt
Thursday December 7th- Centennial 
Friday December 8th- Wilfred Hunt

* Winter Break - All  schools are closed Dec 9th-Jan 7th.  Practices resume the week of January 8th.


Tuesday January 9th- Douglas Park
Tuesday January 9th- Centennial 
Tuesday January 9th- Lakeview 
Wednesday January 10th- Wilfred Hunt
Friday January 12th- Lakeview
Friday January 16th- Wilfred Hunt
Saturday January 27th- Macneil
Sunday January 28th- Wilfred Hunt
Monday January 29th- Wilfred Hunt
Wednesday January 31st- Wilfred Hunt


Friday February 2nd- Wilfred Hunt
Wednesday February 7th- Wilfred Hunt
Friday February 9th- Lakeview
*All Schools closed February 18th-23rd (February Break)


Wednesday March 7th- Wilfred Hunt
Monday March 12th- McVeety
Wednesday March 14th- McVeety
Thursday March 15th- McVeety
Wednesday March 21st- Henry Braun


Upcoming Events

Grade 7&8 Boys Games Start

Date: October 23, 2017

Grade 1&2/3/4 Games Start

Date: October 28, 2017

Grade 9-12 Registration Deadline

Date: November 23, 2017

Grade 9-12 Evaluations

Date: November 25, 2017

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