RCBA 2018 Mentorship Program 

The RCBA is excited to be going into year 2 of our Mentorship Program for the 2018/2019 season. This program is designed to foster the relationships and knowledge exchange between the various skill/age levels of players in Regina and surrounding community. We would like to thank the University of Regina for partnering with us to provide this opportunity to our membership. 

What is the Mentorship Program?

The program is formatted so that the successful RCBA player applicants will have regular sessions with an elite level player of the same gender/position who will work as a mentor to the player, providing them guidance and training tools that have been successful in helping the mentor to achieve their goals. The player will have one on one sessions with the mentor, as well as opportunities to observe the mentor’s team practices. The RCBA player will also spend time with an RCBA grade 3 team as a guest assistant coach, to assist in the development of the RCBA players leadership skills, communication, and basketball knowledge. 

New This Year: We will be providing a Guide Coach who will meet with the successful applicant at the beginning of the program to help design a program for the on the court sessions, as well as booking time with the Cougars Weight Coach and a Mental Trainer so they get to experience what is necessary to be successful at the highest level.

Who is Eligible?

Any RCBA player currently registered to our grade 7&8 program can apply to the program.

What will the Time Commitment Be?

Successful applicants will meet with the program coordinator to create a schedule for the season (Oct-Feb) that will incorporate a minimum of 4 1on1 sessions with the mentor, 1 attendance per month to the mentor teams practice, and a minimum attendance to 4 practices/games with a grade 3 RCBA team. Players will be partnered with a grade 3 team that has an experienced coach and that has games/practices that does not conflict with the RCBA player’s schedule. 

How Many Applicants will be Accepted?

The review committee is tasked with accepting 5-6 applicants

How Do I Apply?

Simply download our application form, complete the answers to the best of your ability and submit the form to the RCBA office.

What is the Application Deadline?

The deadline for application submission is September Tuesday Sept 25th.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

The RCBA and our sponsors will cover all costs associated with the program so there will be no charge to the applicants