Health and Safety Policy

In fulfilling its commitment to protect our members, the RCBA will provide safe and healthy environments for participation, in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements, and will strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in accidents or personal injury/illness.

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

All coaches, contractors and staff are provided training on ensuring a safe environment for participation. All coaches and supervisors are provided documentation to develop an Emergency Action Plan for the players and/or facility they are responsible for.

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Incident Report Form
If an incident does occur, coaches are required to submit an incident report form if they had to activate step 3 of the EAP.  Referees/Supervisors/Parents may also submit a form. RCBA staff will follow up on the report as necessary.
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First Aid Training and Kits
All coaches and gym supervisors are provided first aid kits that are stocked with the basic necessities for dealing with an injury.

NEW***  RCBA has created a policy where funds are set aside to pay for training in First Aid/CPR for interested members.  To find out if you are eligible please contact the RCBA office at