The RCBA, through its Board of Directors, is committed to providing a sport and work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. This Fair Play policy is consistent with the leagues Codes of Conduct for Players, Parents, Coaches and Referees, Discipline Policy, Playing Time Policy and Sportsmanship Program.

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Playing Time Policy

Substitution Rules for Grade 4-12 Article 14
14.1 Substitutions will be made approximately  every four minutes.  The scorekeeper will stop the clock and signal the referee of the upcoming shift change. The referee will make the final decision as to when the play shall stop. The game may continue in order to complete the scoring opportunity, a fast break or an established possession. 
14.1.1 All players attending a regular season and/or play-off  game must have equal playing time. There are exceptions for Grade 7 & 8 Division Pool 1 see 18.1. The substitution rotation recognizing equal playing time would continue into any overtime period.  Player substitution for each shift will be recorded on the appropriate sheet,
14.1.2 Teams will practice a continuous rotation of players or a rolling substitution. In other words, players on a team should play a shift, and then sit a shift, for example the first, third, fifth and seventh shifts, while sitting the second, fourth sixth and eighth shifts. (see  examples on  the rotation sheet provided in the coaches manual)
 Exception to this may occur when:
- The player roster for a game are short numbered, meaning that a double or triple shift may occur due to shortage of players for a start of a game or may be short due to players being fouled out or injured in a game.
- A player shall play in every other shift unless a team has more than 10 players (8 players for grade 4).            
- When a team has exactly 2 complete lines (10 players in grade 5- 12 and 8 players in grade 4) the lines may be changed at half time.
- When a player misses 2 consecutive practices the coach may withdraw playing privileges for the first half for the first infraction and a full game for subsequent infractions.  (grade 5 - 12 only)
 A few points of clarification:
a) Shifts must be balanced in each half. Therefore, a player should be playing, for example two shifts in each half rather than one and three in the halves respectively. 
b) With the odd exception of situations where a team has six or seven players, (five or six for grade 4) no player should have a triple shift (including a first shift in the second half).
c)  If an injury occurs to a player with less than 2 minutes remaining in the shift, the player who is injured would have that count as a shift. If the injury occurs with more than 2 minutes remaining in the shift the player put in would have his/her substituted shift count as a rotation.
d)  If the coach has erred in putting in a player in the wrong rotation,  the shift counts as one of his/her substitutions, and jeopardizes the possibility of using that player later, due to balanced playing time.
e) A player who arrives late to the game will be placed into the equal play rotation and will have equal playing time in relation to the total number of shifts remaining in the game. The player may not be able to 'make up' shifts that he/she has missed.
f)  Overtime should be a continuation of the rotation scheme.  
18.1 See Substitution rules article 14.  Substitution exception: In Grade 7 & 8 Pool 1 the final 8 minute quarter is free substitution by the coach, with all players playing some time in the 4th quarter.

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