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At the conclusion of each year, the RCBA emails all of our members a year end survey asking various questions about the different aspects of the RCBA. We have compiled a set of Frequently Asked Questions and consistant topics of discussions left by our membership in the final comment section. We hope that this document will help answer a lot of questions that some of our membership may still be wondering about. 

The Frequently Asked Questions document will be updated periodically, as we come across more popular topics of discussion surrounding the RCBA and all of it's aspects. If anyone has any questions about the content of the document, or you have other questions/ topics you feel could be added to the document please email us at rcba@sasktel.net. The link for the FAQ sheet is below:


Frequently Asked Questions PDF

History of the League

The Regina Community Basketball Association was founded in 1931 and is the longest running league in Western Canada.  Since the early 70's the league was known as the Regina Church Basketball Association.  In 2000 the league adopted its current name, which reflects its broad community base in the City of Regina.  The fundamental principles of participation, development and achievement remain the cornerstones of the league today.

League Overview

The RCBA is a non-profit community organization that offers children aged 6-17 the opportunity to participate in basketball.  The league is open to children of all skill levels in Regina and surrounding area. The RCBA practices fair and equal play and encourages a fun atmosphere for all participants.

As per Basketball Canada's guildelines for player development, the RCBA has structured our programming in a progressive manner that ensures players are developing the right skills at the right age in order to be the best player they can be while still maintaining a love of the game.  It is also built so that it doesn't matter at what age the player starts they will not be overwhelmed by the skills they are encouraged to learn.

Vision and Goals


To be recognized as a leading non-profit community sport organization that provides a positive environment enabling the development of life skills through basketball.


The RCBA is dedicated to building a healthy basketball community through development of players, coaches, officals, and volunteers within Regina and surrounding area.


Fair Play - equal opportunities that consistently reinforce respect of all individuals involved

Fun - encourage camaraderie and friendship

Development - of youth and their supporting network

Strategic Goals

1. Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) - to ensure that every player is given the best opportunity over time to develop their skills and athletic potential using a logical and progressive approach.

2. Competency and Conduct - Achieve minimum standard for competency and conduct for the RCBA support network.

3. Partnership and Sponsorship - To establish partnerships/sponsorships in order to provide better basketball programs at minimal cost

4. Growth and Recruitment - To promote the growth and recruitment of the membership.

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