3 on 3 Programs

3on3 Spring League

 The Spring League program is a 6 week 3 on 3 program that runs from the end of April, to the beginning of June. The program is for grades 5-8, teams consist of 5 players. Teams receive one practice prior to the program starting, once the program begins there are only games on one night per week. Teams will get at least 2 games per night. 

Players are able to form their own teams to enter in Spring League by filling out the Team Roster Form. If you are still interested in participating, but don't have a team to join, you can fill out our Free Agent Form, and the RCBA will try to find a team placement for you.


Team Registration

1) In order to participate in the program players must register a team. If you do not have a team please scroll down for information on our Free Agency List. The Coach/Team Manager will download and complete the TEAM ROSTER FORM and submit it either in person or by email. In order for the team roster to be accepted it must include a coach's name and a minimum of 4 people on the roster. If a team submits with only 4 players, the RCBA will add a free agent to the team. 
2) Once the roster is received by the league office the team will be contacted with a tentative roster approval and will then be instructed to register their players individually within 72 hours.
3) Registration is collected for each player on an individual basis and be completed either in our online registration section, by phone, or in person.
4) The players AND the coach must be registered (and paid) in our system before the roster can be approved.  
5) If all members of the roster are not registered within the designated time the roster slot will open up to the next team on the list.  For submitted rosters that are not full (5 players) the RCBA will fill out any rosters to a maximum of 5 players with players from our free agency list.


Team Roster Form

*As we have a cap on the number of teams that can participate in each division, team roster submissions will be accepted on a first come first serve basis with the caveat that all the above requirements to have an official roster be fulfilled. For example, in the grade 5 and 6 divisions where we have a 6 team cap, if a 7th roster comes in with all the requirements completed while the 6th submitted roster doesn't have all its requirements completed, the 7th roster will become official and the players on the 6th roster will be dispersed amongst other teams or their registration fee(s) will be refunded if the program is full.

Free Agents (Individuals looking for teams)

Free Agency List - Free Agents are players who wish to play, but do not have a team to register with. We use this list to fill out partial rosters and can combine a number of players on the list to form their own team. If you would like to join the free agent list please fill out our online form below. PAYMENT IS NOT COLLECTED UNTIL TEAM PLACEMENT IS FOUND. DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT BEFORE THE RCBA CONTACTS YOU! 

Free Agent Form (link will go live March 1st) 

To view the Spring League rules click here                                                                            

Program Dates:
Registration Opens March 1st, 2018
Registration Closes March 27th, 2018
Practice Week: Week of April 16th
Game Days: See Below
Tournament: June 2nd and 3rd 

Player Fees:
Grade 5/6- $115
Grade 7/8- $125

Grade 5 Boys- 6 Teams (Wednesdays)

Grade 5 Girls- 6 Teams (Tuesdays)

Grade 6 Boys- 6 Teams (Wednesdays)

Grade 6 Girls- 6 Teams (Tuesdays)

Grade 7/8 Boys- 8 Teams (Thursdays) 

Grade 7/8 Girls- 8 Teams  (Tuesdays)                                                                                                                                         

3on3 Spring Classic Tournament 

The Spring Classic is our annual 3 on 3 tournament. All teams from our Spring League program are automatically entered in the Spring Classic, however it is open to other teams who did not participate in Spring League. To register please fill out the team roster form and email it to rcba@sasktel.net

Spring League Tournament Team Fee: $110 

Team Roster Form

To view the Spring Classic rules click here     


3on3 Winter Classic Tournament

The Winter Classic tournament is held annual in Mid-December for players in grades 5-8. The tournament helps provide an additional opportunity for players to participate in basketball during the extended break from our Fall/Winter program in December. Players create their own teams and submit them using the Team Roster Form. Teams consist of 5 players, all players must be registered in the RCBA Fall/Winter program to be eligible to play in the Winter Classic. 

*We can approve player exceptions if the player participated in our program last year, for an additional charge. All exception requests must be submitted and approved by the RCBA office PRIOR to registration submission. To submit a request please email rcba@sasktel.net

To view the Winter Classic Rules click here


Player Fees: $140 per team
Registration Opens: November 13th
Registration Closes: December 4th 
Tournament Dates: December 16th & 17th at Oneill High School

Registration Form


Grade 5 Boys- 6 Teams

Grade 5 Girls- 6 Teams

Grade 6 Boys- 6 Teams

Grade 6 Girls- 9 Teams

Grade 7&8 Boys- 10 Teams

Grade 7&8 Girls - 8 Teams




Upcoming Events

Spring League Registration Opens

Date: March 1, 2018

Grade 5 & 6 Playoffs

Date: March 2 - 4, 2018

Grade 7/8 Girls Playoffs

Date: March 6 - 11, 2018

Grade 7/8 Boys Playoffs

Date: March 13 - 18, 2018

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