2 Great Basketball Drills to Do on Your Own

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Formal basketball practice is obviously an important part of your development as a player. However, spending time practicing on your own will give you an extra edge over your competition and turn you into a standout player on the court.

The key to practicing on your own is to perform drills that focus on endurance, ball handling and shooting. Yes, shooting around informally is better than nothing. But, you can maximize your time if you focus on these key elements.

The one-man drills below, provided by the Kansas Basketball Academy Foundation, are designed for the self-starter player who wants to elevate his or her game. Make sure to perform them at full speed, even though no one is watching.

Full-Court Ball Handling

Purpose: Game conditioning and ball handling

  • Perform the following dribble patterns for full court
  • Speed dribble, left and right hand
  • Inside out, left and right hand
  • Crossover
  • Behind-the-back
  • Between-the-leg
  • Spin dribble
  • Mix it up: do at least two moves—e.g., crossover and behind-the-back

Duration: Perform for 10 minutes total

Dribble-Shoot-Put Back

Purpose: Shooting off the dribble

  • Dribble from half court to left elbow and take a jump shot; put back if shot is missed
  • Dribble to left wing and take a jump shot; put back shot if missed
  • Repeat on right side of key
  • Mix it up: count how many shots you make and try to set a new personal record each time

Duration: make 3-5 shots at each station. Perform for 10 minutes total.


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