4 Tips for Selecting a Summer Basketball Camp

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Summer basketball camps are an important part of the offseason. But what camp is perfect for you?

Joe Haefner of Breakthrough Basketball offers four tips on choosing a basketball camp that is best for your skill set, desires and financial situation.

Ask Yourself, 'Why Are You Going?'

It may sound silly, but you need to decide why you are going to a summer camp. Is it to have fun? Is it to improve basketball skills? Is it to get exposure? Is it to play games? Is it to make new friends?

If you are a youth player looking to learn more, have fun, develop a passion, and meet new friends, you might look for a camp that creates a fun atmosphere and plays lots of fun games.

If you are an older, dedicated player that wants to improve, maybe you should go to a camp that focuses on skill improvement. Some camps will offer video analysis and classroom lessons. The really good ones will also teach life lessons and improve leadership skills.

If you are trying to gain exposure, be careful. You may not be ready yet. I would consult with trustworthy people before you throw yourself out there in front of hundreds of college coaches, because you want to make a good first impression. That may be the only look you get. Your best bet may be to keep improving by attending skills camps before attending an exposure camp.

Get Referrals

Talk to other parents and players that have attended camps. Ask them what the camp was like. Was it fun? How much skill work did they do? Do they play lots of games? Did you learn anything new? What was your favorite part of the camp? What was your least favorite part of the camp? Was there anything that set this camp apart from other basketball camps?

Find a Local Camp

Being able to attend a high-profile camp or an overnight camp that offers expert skill instruction, video analysis, and classroom lessons may be great, but it also may not be affordable.

However, don't worry. There are plenty of great day camps and local high school camps that are more affordable. Once again, if you spend a little bit of time researching and inquiring about the camp, you should be able to find a basketball camp in your area.

Don't Go to a Camp

This may sound a bit out of ordinary for an article about picking summer basketball camps, but sometimes your best bet would be to find a local basketball trainer with a good reputation. Trainers are often flexible with how often you would like to meet. You could meet once every week, once every few months, or anything in between.

This works great, because you can have a professional monitor you for months and even years rather than just for one week with a basketball camp. A good one will also teach you how to train, give you workouts to do outside of the training sessions and even teach you how to develop your own workouts, and teach life lessons.

Not to mention, you can spread out the cost which makes things a bit easier on the pockets.

We hope these tips helped and good luck with the search!


This article was written by: Joe Haefner and can be found through this link: https://www.usab.com/youth/news/2010/04/4tips-for-selecting-a-summer-basketball-camp.aspx


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