A Lay Up Tip That Every Youth & NBA Player Needs

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A Lay Up Tip That Every Youth & NBA Player Needs

- By Joe Haefner 

When you implement this lay up tip, you will have more opportunities to finish near the basket. That means more points for you. And when the defense starts to swarm you, you can rack up assists by passing to open teammates.

HOWEVER, it's likely you're NOT executing this finishing move properly yet. And you're missing out on plenty of chances to score more points. If I'm guessing, 90% or more of youth and high school players make this mistake.

That's why you need to watch the video below. It can change your game.

If you study NBA players, most of the great finishers do this quite well.

Check out this video clip from Jim Huber's Next Level Finishing Moves.


As Jim Huber states in the video, when shooting a lay up, you tend to sweep the ball to the inside. This exposes the ball to the defender.

Every smart defender locks in on that inside hip and swipes at the ball. This happens at every level of basketball.

So when the defender is on your inside hip, you want to "rip the ball to the ear".

This prevents the defender from stealing the ball. This also gets you more shot attempts which equals more points.

When practicing the move, you eventually want to progress out to the 3-point line. Your goal is to get to the basket in one dribble. That way, you get to the rim quicker.


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