2016 Fred Frolick Award Winner!

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The RCBA would like to take a moment to congratulate Mike Brady on being the Fred Frolick Spirit of the Game Award Receipient. Mike has been a tremendous coach and mentor in the RCBA for nearly 20 years. He has been a huge influence for basketball in Regina, below is the write up that was presented when Mike received his award between the 5A Sr Girls and Sr Boys city finals. 


We would like to take a short time to present the Fred Frolick Spirit of the Game Award to this year’s recipient. This award has been presented annually, since 2007, by the Regina Association of Basketball Officials (RABO) to an official, coach OR administrator that has been involved in basketball and has made significant contributions to the sport in some capacity. The award was named the Fred Frolick Spirit of the Game Award in honor of Fred’s commitment, dedication and spirit to basketball for over 50 years.

This year’s recipient is Mike Brady.

Mike has been involved in basketball in many capacities. Mike started playing wheelchair basketball in 1984. He also started coaching junior wheelchair basketball 1987. Most important to the development of, the understanding of and the involvement in wheelchair basketball was his initiative, starting in 1988, to take wheelchairs into schools for students to experience and discuss the implications and opportunities involved as an individual in a wheelchair. This initiative was spirited by the Rick Hansen world tour that was a focus of the country at this time. Through discussion, demonstration, and experience, Mike was able to further the understanding, for students, of the physically challenged and the abilities and opportunities afforded them. He has been involved in schools since, and has expanded the experience and learning to the Regina Community Basketball Association (RCBA) where students of teams take one scheduled game to play that game in the wheelchairs. It is a life lesson for the athletes and coaches involved in the experience.

Mike also started coaching in RCBA in 1998, where he has coached many grade divisions. He has also dabbled in the RHSAA as a coach and mentor coach for aspiring and new coaches involved in the league. Mike has coached five players who have went on to represent Canada in wheelchair basketball. Mike has also spent some time officiating the sport, which is a model for many.

Mike’s contributions to basketball can best be summed up from a note received about his time coaching a grade 5 student and mentoring new coaches in the RCBA. The note stated that:

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for not only coaching... But mostly for taking on the additional task of mentoring the two young and new coaches... Without bringing in young people and showing them the importance of growing and giving back to the sports and activities they love, they are destine to remain stagnant or die out... I commend you for your approach, commitment and donation of knowledge and time to sport, youth and contribution to helping instil positive values in all the above.  Sometimes it takes years for the efforts of a volunteer to be realized by those they have coached or mentored, but everyone is bettered by your efforts... If not today, someday.  I appreciate you coaching my son, and for exposing the boys to the wheel chair basketball... he came home that very day and wrote an email to the league about what a great experience it was for him and how much he and his teammates enjoyed it.  Observing you coach reinforced my own philosophy in coaching as well... That it's not about winning today that matters, it's about building on yesterday.... Youth sports is so much more than a score... So when you sit back and look at the hours you spent this season and look forward toward the next and decide if you want to have one more go...    Please know that this season was a success and a growth experience for every player because of you... Some just haven't grown enough to realize it yet. Thank you!


Congratulations to an outstanding coach, mentor, ambassador for the sport of basketball, and this year’s Fred Frolick Basketball Award recipient, Mike Brady.



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